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His new book, Jump Start Your Life,  is a must-read for anyone seeking to accelerate their life. 

This 30-day devotional will give you the spark you need to build the life you desire.  

Ready to purchase your copy of  "Jump Start Your Life"? 

Just text message your n1ame and email address to the DuPlessis Agency  at  (318) 422 - 4540.

  Or give them a a call at the same number. They'll follow up with you and place your book in the mail within 3 business days.

Propelled by his faith and a genuine passion for empowering people, Andrew Randall is positioned to uplift the masses. His zest for life, tireless work ethic and demonstrated commitment to the community are just a few of the reasons that he is one of the South's most influential new thought leaders. 

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